Get Gun Fit!


Our goal is to help you understand the fundamentals of having and utilizing a firearm. With our firearms course we will work with the laws and mechanics in the classroom, place you in scenarios with our Tactical Firearm Simulator, and head out to the range when we've completed the other work.

Firearm Safety

Firearm Safety

Learn the fundamentals of operating and utilizing a firearm

CCW Training


Judgemental Training Courses & Sacramento County CCW

Tactical Firearm Simulator

On Duty / Off Duty

Active duty scenarios & off duty judgement calls

Judgemental Scenarios

Home Defense

Test your judgement with CA Laws utilizing deadly force

Price & Dates?

Dates: Monday - Friday
Time: Appointment ONLY
Price: 350.00
Call Susan @ 916 375 6640

Each member will have access to Aim U Nation Gun Store with the best prices of guns, ammo, & gear.